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It’s finally spring, and you have a few options with your lawn. You could do what you did last year and hope for the best. Completely ignore it and hope for the best, with expectedly poor results. You could put your heart and soul into it, and while you may have a great lawn, end up completely exhausted. Or you could hire a professional that will help your lawn be the best it can be. Whether you decide to try to do everything yourself or you decide to hire a professional, here are 4 easy ways to make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood this year.

1. Aerate

Aeration is vital in the spring if you want your lawn looking the best this season. With aeration, your lawn is in better shape for the season. It means you won’t have to work as hard this year to make your lawn look awesome!

Aeration is a pretty simple process, you punch holes in your lawn about three inches deep. This makes your soil less compacted and allows your grass to have more room to grow. Aeration can be done using products you can buy at a hardware store. However, you should consider hiring a professional who knows your type of lawn and what to do with it.

2. Water deeply, not more often

In Utah, we live in a desert. Hopefully, that’s not news to you. In this climate, you may be tempted to set your sprinklers to go off every single day. While that certainly can work, likely you will be paying more for the amount of water usage.

By setting your sprinklers for a longer time interval, you’ll saturate the soil giving your grass the perfect drink for up to a couple of days. Also, try watering early in the morning before the sun rises. The water you put down won’t evaporate as quickly or as easily if you water when it’s cool and dark outside.

3. Cut your lawn to the correct height

It can be tempting to cut your lawn with your lawnmower at the highest or lowest setting. Don’t do it. Short cut grass might look nice, but longer grass can create more shade for the roots and soil. Every kind of grass has it’s preferred height which can enable it to grow better and fuller. Check this chart to see where your type of grass stacks up.

Grass Type Mowing Height
Warm Climate Grasses
St. Augustine 2” – 4”
Bermudagrass ½” – 1½”
Buffalograss 2” – 3”
Centipede 1½” – 2½”
Cool Climate Grasses
Bentgrass ¼” – ¾”
Ryegrass 1½” – 2½”
Tall fescue 2” – 3”
Fine fescue 1½” – 2½”
Kentucky Bluegrass 1½” – 2½”

Mow often, and mow higher. Grass can actually go into shock if you cut off 1/3rd or more of it’s total length. Don’t know what kind of lawn you have? Hiring a pro to help with treatments can be super helpful because likely they’ll be able to tell you your lawn type and they can help give advice on how to cut it.

4. Hire a professional

Hire a professional to treat your lawn. A company like Stewarts can help your lawn look it’s very best. Instead of breaking your back trying to load heavy bags of fertilizer, mulch, or seed. Stewarts has a 6 step program beginning in the spring that will take you through the entire season. With Stewarts, you get premium quality with better weed control, better grub control, better fertalization, and better weed prevention. Plus, they are quick to respond. And your grass will be the greenest on the block. Make your neighbors green with envy at your perfect lawn this year thanks to Stewarts Lawn Services.

Spring into action

Start your lawn care early this year and have a lawn to be proud of. With these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to the yard you’ve always dreamed of.