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The fear of the criminal element in our neighborhoods is something that can prevent us from actually interacting with our own communities. When that happens, the criminals win. Watch as former Salt Lake City Chief of Police and Consultant to the Center for Policing Equity Chris Burbank talks about how you can limit your exposure to risk in your community.

How Can You Approach Home Security in Your Life and Home?

Having the largest security system on the block will definitely make your home and family safe. If that is what you want. But with the large expense, the hours of time to assemble such a system, the amount of money it will take, you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth it.

A few other things you can ask yourself are: how at risk are you to criminals in your neighborhood? What are the statistics of crimes happening around you? If you feel like you are in a fairly safe area, is it worth it to put in the largest security system on the block? Finally, how paranoid do you want to appear to your neighbors?

Beat the Criminal Mindset

Criminals are going to go after the easiest target. Whether that means the door that’s unlocked or the piece of furniture in your backyard that wasn’t secured. Then, by preparing the worst, you can secure your stuff before you have any chance of having it stolen or broken.

Don’t be paranoid. You can be safe if you weigh expense, and what you are allowing yourself to be exposed to. We can participate, be aware, be cautious sometimes. But never be paranoid about how we approach life. Just be aware!

Limit YOUR Exposure to Risk of Criminal Behavior

Finally, you can limit your exposure to risk of criminal behavior by just securing some of the simple things in and around your house. Do you need the giant security system? No. Can a security system help? Yes, if you use it as a precaution. Xfinity Home provides minimally invasive security systems that will not break the bank. Plus, Xfinity Home builds the package as part of your cable internet system. Find out more today at Xfinity Home.