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It can be tough to find activities for your family that are fun, but also meaningful. I have a great one for you: a hands-on guided family history experience that will entrance and inspire not just your children, but you as well.

Temple Square’s Family History Library

The discovery experience at Temple Square’s Family History Library is fully interactive and totally changes the way we can connect with our ancestors. When you arrive, you’ll find 100 custom iPads, 44 touch screens, and 40+ computers all dedicated to experiencing your personal family history. Kids love the interactivity and the life-size touchscreen monitors that enable them to make personalized discoveries.And if you get stuck, don’t worry. The Family History place is loaded with friendly helpers.

Record Your Memories

One of the coolest parts of the discovery experience is the high definition video recording studios. Bring your family in here and share your memories with them, or record theirs. Your kids will always remember this moment, not just because of what you share and how they felt, but because you’ll take it home for free on HD video. It’s a digital souvenir that will be treasured for generations.

Getting To Temple Square

Located in the heart of Salt Lale City, coming to Temple Square has never been easier. City Creek Center offers free two-hour parking. There’s also lots of curbside parking, just pay attention to the signs. Usually after 6:00 PM curbside parking is free. Don’t want to deal with parking? Ride the train. Both the TRAX Blue and Green lines stop here.

The Family History Library has a super convenient schedule. It’s open every day but Sunday. It closes at 5 PM on Mondays. But Tuesday through Friday it’s open until 9 pm. Plus 9-5 on Saturday.

Exploring Temple Square

Spend an hour, or take all day. If you need a break, there’s no better place to be than Temple Square. Take a stroll through The Gardens or check out an exhibit. Plus if you need a little pick me up, nothing beats butter and honey on a Lion House roll. You have everything you need here.

Bring your family to the discovery experience at the Family History Library. You’ll find out who you are and who you’re connected to in your heart.