The 3 Keys To Happiness… No Matter Your Income

There Is No Happiness Ceiling

financial happiness

This story on financial happiness is sponsored by America First Credit Union – The member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative financial institution is the largest credit union in the state of Utah.

Money holds the key to happiness.  You can’t buy happiness with money, but money problems make life miserable.

Max Income Is NOT Max Happiness

Most Americans max their income in their forties.  That means we all have to come to terms with that income level, and enjoy fulfilling lives.

Rex Rollo, CFO of America First Credit Union, joined KSL News Radio’s Tim Hughes to reveal the three keys to financial happiness.

Financial Happiness Tip 1

The first key to enjoying financial happiness is to make sure you live within your means.  Stretching your finances too far will cause a lot of stress and problems when those bills fall due.

Financial Happiness Tip 2

Save some money.  America First Credit Union CFO Rex Rollo said the Great Recession underscored this for many American families.  “Many in the last few years put aside additional money either in savings or in an emergency fund, which certainly can give one greater peace of mind especially if you have a financial emergency.”

Financial Happiness Tip 3



Get a handle on debt.  Debt is stressful.  Most of us carry a mortgage and a car payment, but taking on too much erodes our happiness.  Make sure you can pay the monthly bills easily and with minimal stress.