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Security devices like security cameras and video doorbells are available at local retailers to help keep your home safe. Former SLC Sheriff Jim Winder shares how these little devices can have a big impact.

Is Your Family Safe?

If you have kids at home, chances are that you spend a lot of time worrying about the well-being of them. And Spying on your kids isn’t what security cameras are for necessarily, but they can help protect your children. Generally speaking, security cameras are tools to help you protect the inside and outside of your home. Plus, the piece of mind these cameras can give you if you have to leave children at home is unparalleled.

Secure Your Home

Today, people are using technology to secure their residences more often. Items like video doorbells that allow you to identify individuals who are knocking on your door. Cameras and technology can help you distinguish between a friend, relative, or a stranger lurking around your home. And this is especially important if you have youngsters at home. Kids’ ability to identify who is at the door before they make a decision to open it is critical.

Do Security Cameras Work?

External video surveillance has become very popular in Utah. Capturing video footage at home or at a business can lead to crimes being solved. And those same surveillance systems captured and solved crimes that didn’t even happen on the same property.  That’s why the installation of a video surveillance system is highly effective and surprisingly economical these days.

Taking the Next Step to a Secure Home

Be diligent in securing your home, and don’t be paranoid. Your ability to protect yourself and your family can help contribute to your well-being, the well-being of your family, and even the well-being of your neighbors. Plus, Xfinity Home can help. With customized solutions for the security of your home, Xfinity Home is there to help you to protect you and your family. Contact them today to see what Xfinity Home can offer for your home.