Highland Springs ClinicThis article on causes of depression is sponsored by Highland Springs Clinic. Notice the warning signs of suicide and never, ever give up hope for your child. Find happiness again.

The Numbers Are Startling

In Utah, 2 people die by suicide every day. 12 more are hospitalized. The rate of suicide differs county by county in Utah, but statewide the rate tripled in less than a decade.

These are startling numbers.  It’s easy to wonder what’s wrong in a community when there’s so much anguish.

Here’s The Context

Yes, these Utah numbers are high, but it’s not an epidemic. Utah always trends a few points higher than the rest of the nation and even those numbers are still well below historic peaks.

Additionally, there’s hope. People don’t want to die, they want the pain to stop.  When treatment is available to people at risk, suicide attempts drop.

Who’s at risk?

Depression is still the biggest risk factor. That is unchanged through the years and across all demographics.  The second biggest risk factor is substance abuse.  When there is an increase in substance abuse, for example, pain killers, there can be an increase in suicide rates.

What Can We Do?

Treatment is key. Half of those living with depression don’t get treatment. That can be dangerous.

Learn all you can about depression, mental health, and suicide.  September is National Suicide Prevention Month and a great opportunity to empower yourself and your family.  Organizations like Highland Springs Clinic can provide you with information and resources so you can notice warning signs in your family.

If you notice signs of depression in yourself or your loved ones, don’t wait to get help.