Highland Springs ClinicThis article on teen suicide signs is sponsored by Highland Springs Clinic. Notice the warning signs of suicide and never, ever give up hope for your child. Find happiness again.

Suicide is the nightmare scenario for parents and many simply choose to avoid the topic.

You should know, however, that teens considering suicide usually give some very clear signals.  When you see the signs, you can save their life.  You just need to know what to watch for.

Talking About Suicide

It’s true, teens considering suicide often bring it up in conversation.  Some even bring it up in a joking way.  Your teen may also start to show a preoccupation with death.  Take this talk seriously.  They may be trying to tell you something important.

There are a few other topics that are red flags if brought up in conversation by teens.  If they talk about feeling hopeless or worthless, you definitely need to act.

Changes in behavior and personality

As a parent, you know your teen best.  So always be on the lookout for out of character behavior.  Warning signs can include deepening depression, or a loss of interest in the things they used to care about.

Teens at risk for suicide can also display self destructive behavior.  They may take unnecessary risks or abuse drugs or alcohol.  Poorer quality schoolwork, sudden changes in routine, and dramatically different and worse grooming and hygiene all signal potential trouble.

Making preparations for suicide

This may be your last chance to act.  Teens will go through some sort of preparation ahead of suicide.  Some clues, like internet search histories, will be obvious if you find them.  But it’s easy to mask internet activity from parents.

Teens considering suicide may call or visit people they care about to say some form of goodbye.  They may also busy themselves by setting their affairs in order.  This can include unusual gift giving or even the giving away of prized possessions.

If you believe you are seeing one of these signs or anything else that concerns you as a parent, act immediately.  Suicide is irreversible, but it can be prevented by parents who are paying attention.

Go to your family doctor and to an organization like Highland Springs Clinic.  They can give you, your teen, and your whole family the expert counsel and treatment that saves lives.