Highland Springs ClinicThis article on social media and teen mental health is sponsored by Highland Springs Clinic. Notice the warning signs of suicide and never, ever give up hope for your child. Find happiness again.

Social media quickly became an important way we communicate and live in our personal relationships and in the community.  It’s new, and there is a lot we still don’t understand.  Even so, there are clear pitfalls for teens.  These pitfalls exacerbate mental health problems including depression.  Depression is the number one indicator for suicide.

Social media can make relationships difficult

We all believe social media makes communicating easier.  But young people are still learning how to communicate.  Social media and texting rob conversation of important context including body language and voice tone.

Stripped of this context, teens don’t get the practice they need in communicating.  Those skills are critical to forming good relationships.  Healthy personal relationships are a key element of good mental health.

It’s hard on teen self esteem

Online, people say things they won’t never say face to face.  It’s easy to be cruel.  Without face to face accountability, disagreements and misunderstandings are more extreme and difficult.

It’s important for teens to feel accepted by their peers.  Social media is a problem because your teen sees a representation of their popularity in likes and comments.

Social media is also filled with skewed and dishonest content.  People post their best selves and that’s another challenge for socially inexperienced teens.  They are tempted to post amplified or different versions of themselves.  This can make it hard for them to really develop good self esteem.

Protect the mental health of your teen

The pitfalls in social media that trap our teens can have far reaching consequences.  Depression is the number one indicator for suicide among teens.  Problems on social media are difficult for teens to process.  When they already feel alone or discouraged, it can be even worse.

Make sure your teen has the support they need and you have the understanding to help them.  A good partner like Highland Springs Clinic can make sure you have the tools in your family to make sure your teen gets the most out of life.