Brigham Young Wore Sunglasses! And Other Amazing Things You’ll Learn At The Church History Museum On Temple Square

Mormon Church History

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Yes, Brigham Young wore sunglasses to battle the desert sun as he visited settlements across the west.  They’re on display at the Church History Museum at Temple Square.  Here are a few other cool things you should know about this one of a kind museum.

Be A Museum Detective

On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, become a museum detective at the Church History Museum at Temple Square.  This is perfect for families and youth groups.  The museum sets you on a path of historical discovery through clues you can find in the artifacts and displays.

Modern Artifacts

In 1997 President Gordon B. Hinckley was visiting Saints in Northern Mexico.  He was concerned at how difficult it was for so many of them to visit the temple.  The Saints endured a long, expensive, and complicated journey.  President Hinckley found a solution.  He took out a piece of paper and drew out the floor plan of a new kind of compact and efficient temple.  That drawing, in President Hinckley’s own hand, is on display at the Church History Museum on Temple Square.

The museum is open Monday- Friday 9am to 9pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm.  The museum detective activity is by appointment or walk-in.