Money Making Sense Podcast Named Finalist in People’s Choice Podcast Awards

Last weekend, the 2017 People’s Choice Podcast Awards (#PCA17) took place. Money Making Sense, the popular KSL NewsRadio podcast, was a finalist in the Business category and we couldn’t have been more excited. Host Heather Kelly put on her evening gown. And we even recorded an acceptance speech for the virtual event (a requirement for all finalists). To help our acceptance speech stand out, we got permission from Zion’s Bank to record the video in front of their historic vault in downtown Salt Lake City.

Everything went into this podcast. Hard work. Countless hours. Blood, sweat, tears, and even SEO training. How could the voters choose anyone else, right?

But then in an instant, our hearts sank. Another podcast won. Are we still honored and proud? Yes. Truly we are. Here’s why.

It Was An Honor To Be A Finalist

The People’s Choice Podcast Awards is the longest running premier podcast awards event in podcasting history. Since 2005, the event has honored podcasters around the world.

“I don’t have any idea how many votes I received, but it truly is an honor being nominated from such a huge field,” said Money Making Sense host Heather Kelly. “I hope to be worthy of a nomination next year. My thanks to guests and listeners and a whole list of other people who have my eternal gratitude.”

Not only was Money Making Sense nominated, but we were a finalist. This isn’t a grade school sport where everyone gets a trophy for participating. The People’s Choice Podcast Awards recognize the best of the best in the industry… and we made it to the final round.

According to Podcast Awards founder Todd Cochrane, there are 340,000 podcasts on iTunes alone from which people can choose to listen. The judges received thousands of submissions for The People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Ten shows in 20-different categories were chosen as the best of the best. Money Making Sense was one of the 10-finalists in the Business Category.

Losing Isn’t Fun

Are we excited we lost? No. But losing is an incredible motivator.

“I feel proud the work I’ve put into my show is being recognized,” added host Heather Kelly.  “Did I want to win?  Of course, I did.  And I was disappointed when my show was not called as the winner.  But, the fact the judges liked my show makes me want to work even harder to achieve the win next year.”

When you fall, you get back up and try again. We’ll be back. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait for 20-years to eventually win like Susan Lucci.