The new KSL Weather Stream – Watch live weather conditions now in the KSL TV app. You can download the KSL TV app for Roku, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire and Apple TV.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Weather is something you want to know every day. Can you really just depend on any old weather app? Or do you want your weather from the sources you already know and trust? KSL TV is unveiling their brand new KSL Weather Live Radar Stream. Starting now, anytime you need the most up to date forecast, radar, or current temps, it’s just a click away in the KSL TV app. If you already have the app, you’ve already got this amazing brand new feature.

KSL Weather & KSL Yule Log


Know What Weather to Expect this Holiday Season

Going into the holiday season, knowing the forecast is an absolute necessity, but KSL knows what you’ll need. That’s why they’ve introduced new features into the KSL TV app. KSL’s Live Radar Stream includes features like live radar, air quality index reports, and neighborhood forecasts 24/7. Also, you get it all in real time, so it’s there whenever you need it. You can be prepared for anything Mother Nature throws at you to interrupt your holiday plans with the KSL Weather Live Radar Stream. So when you go out this holiday season, you’ll know what to expect.

How To Get The KSL App

You can find KSL TV app on all major smartphone and COnnected TV platforms including Roku, iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. Download the app today, and have one less thing to worry about this holiday season with the KSL Weather Live Radar Stream.