KSL NewsRadio Launches New Podcast Called “My Minute of News” with Jeff Caplan

KSL's Popular "My Minute of News" Segments Now Available On-demand

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – If you’ve listened to KSL NewsRadio on your evening commute home during the past year, there’s no doubt you’ve heard the “My Minute of News” segment from KSL afternoon host Jeff Caplan. These short 60-second segments are jam-packed with witty humor, funny soundbites and Jeff’s takes on the strangest and most interesting news of the day.

Take the segment “Sharing Your Netflix Password,” for example. Jeff dives deep in “the dirty little thing no one talks about – sharing your password.” “How many people do you think are doing hard time in prison for sharing a password?” Jeff quips. “The government is very unlikely to prosecute you for borrowing an HBO password – unless you’re watching Game of Thrones with a crack pipe in your hand,” he jokes. He goes on to inform listeners about Netflix’s official comment on password sharing, which happens to be “no comment.” “They believe today’s moochers are tomorrow’s customers,” he concludes.

Other popular clips include “Unicorn Food,” “Korean Music Wars,” and “Millennials Don’t Want to Diet.” “The My Minute of News stories are my favorite,” says KSL listener Jeremy Layton. “They make me smile. They’re informative, and it makes my commute home seem faster when there’s a little bit of humor in the news.”

New segments of “My Minute of News” are being produced daily. As always, you can listen live on your radio at 102.7 FM, but now you can also listen on-demand with the KSL Newsradio mobile app, through Apple podcasts or with Google Music. Subscribe to Apple Podcasts by clicking http://bit.ly/KSLMinute The KSL Newsradio app is free for iPhone and Android phones, and can be downloaded by searching for “KSL Radio” in the Apple app store or Android market, by texting the word APP to 57500, or by visiting http://ksl360.com/radio.