This article is sponsored by Intermountain Wind & Solar, one of the largest and most experienced solar companies in the intermountain west.  IWS is employee owned and operated, and they install every solar system the way they would in their own homes.

As a homeowner, you’re probably interested in solar power.  The benefits are just too good.  So why are you still waiting?  Here are a few reasons you should embrace solar, and one big reason you need to embrace it IMMEDIATELY!

Escape Expensive Energy Hikes

If you get your electricity from the utility company, you can’t avoid these price increases.  The best you can do is decrease your usage.  If you have children, you’re probably already good at following them around and turning lights off in the house.  That’s one way to decrease your bill.  You can also convert to more efficient bulbs and electrical equipment.

But there’s a limit to how much you can save through decreased consumption.  When you hit it, your bill will start to rise again with the natural price increases from the utility company.

Increase Your Property Value

Solar power can make your home very attractive to buyers.  One recent study concluded that solar-powered not only went for a higher price but also sold faster.   More and more buyers look for solar because of a personal commitment to the environment.  Others will look at the economic benefit.  A home with the lowest utility bill in the neighborhood will absolutely draw some attention.  Either way, solar panels can be a big selling point.

Take Advantage Of Tax Incentives

Solar power will bring tax benefits at both the state and federal level.  There is a lot of interest in encouraging this emerging technology, so now is a great time to invest in solar for your home.  As it becomes more widespread, we may see the incentives reduced or eliminated.

The encouragement of solar power is starting to be found everywhere.  Even traditionally restrictive HOAs often change their rules to allow the technology in their neighborhoods.

There Is Actually A Deadline…

If you’re interested in solar, you need to contact an established company like Intermountain Wind & Solar right away.  There is a deadline looming that you need to be aware of.

In Utah, solar power customers enjoy some pretty nice benefits.  When your solar powers generate more electricity than you need, Rocky Mountain Power buys the extra power at a pretty generous rate.

This, however, is changing.  New rules go into effect this month that will reduce some of the benefits of solar.  Rocky Mountain Power will purchase your surplus energy at a lower rate, and there will be new fees.  Solar power will still be a great deal, but it won’t be quite so plush.

If you can get your solar system under contract before November 15th, 2017, you can lock in the higher benefits under the old system.  Contact Intermountain Wind & Solar to get a qualified system now.