Hosts Of Eden Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

KSL NewsRadio's popular sci-fi podcast is back for a second season.

Hosts Of Eden Season 2

Fans of the popular sci-fi podcast, Hosts Of Eden, will be thrilled to learn that Bonneville International has not only greenlit the show’s second season, but it’s already in the can and ready for release. All 10 episodes of Season 2 of Hosts Of Eden will debut on Monday, March 5th at 1:00 pm MT.

Creative Sponsorship Connection

genesis dentalHosts Of Eden is available to download for free thanks to a sponsorship by Genesis Dental. Known for their friendly and comfortable care, Genesis Dental has multiple locations in Utah in Salt Lake, Tooele, and Utah counties. The sponsorship of Genesis Dental is sure to make fans of Hosts Of Eden smile. An object called the “Genesis device” is a central part of the sci-fi podcast.

As part of the series promotion, KSL NewsRadio will be providing giveaways and prizes to fans of the podcast.

About The Series Creator, Jay Mcfarland

Hosts Of Eden is a story from the creative mind of KSL NewsRadio mid-day host Jay Mcfarland, host of “The JayMac News Show”. The podcast has been compared to a free audiobook, but it’s closer to an elaborate campfire story. Instead of reading, Mcfarland “tells” each episode to the audience. The experience is enhanced with dramatic background music, ambient noises and sound effects.

Hosts Of Eden Season 2 Description

While Marian and Mason are trying to adjust to their new role as guardians of the Genesis device, the nation is faced with a new threat. Someone or something is able to jump from one body to the next allowing them to infiltrate high-security military installations leaving a trail of bodies behind. No one knows what they are looking for or how to stop them. Having no other options the President of the United States seeks Marian’s help with the hope that she can use her newfound abilities to track down this elusive enemy. Marian reluctantly agrees and is then on a path that eventually causes her to question whether or not the Hosts of Eden are the only ones who want the bodies of mankind.

Hosts Of Eden: Season 1 Reaction

Season 1 of Hosts Of Eden was a huge hit both locally in Utah as well as Internationally. After slowly climbing up the download charts, the podcast was featured on iTunes. You can find it in the Modern Radio Drama section.

Hosts Of Eden: iTunes

Full Season Release

“We got some valuable fan feedback last season,” said series host and creator Jay Mcfarland. “We staggered the release of Season 1’s episodes… a few every few days. But once people got hooked, they got frustrated waiting for the next episode.”

To cater to binge listeners, this time all 10 episodes in Season 2 will be released at the same time.

How to Subscribe To ‘Hosts Of Eden’

It’s easy to subscribe to “Hosts of Eden”. The series is free thanks to the sponsorship if Genesis Dental and available in the KSL NewsRadio mobile appApple PodcastsGoogle Play and via an RSS feed.

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