Here Are The Benefits Of Going Solar in Utah BEFORE November 15th

Home Solar

SolarooThis article on home solar is sponsored by Solaroo.  With 60 years in the business, Solaroo is the best, most experienced team in solar. Contact Solaroo today to lock in generous, but expiring solar benefits.

You’ve probably heard the talk.  November 15th is an important day for home solar power in Utah.  That’s true.  And it’s kind of a big deal. Solar power is so good for our community.  It’s clean, efficient, renewable, and most importantly it’s affordable.  That won’t change.  There will be, however, changes to important rules.

These changes are both an opportunity and a deadline.  If you are on the fence about solar for your home, it’s time to act.  If you decide to go solar, Solaroo will give you a free Nest thermostat.

Here’s The Opportunity For Your Family

On November 15th,  the current net metering solar program through Rocky Mountain Power expires.  The rates and terms of this current program are very, very good for solar customers.  After November 15th, home solar will still be a great deal, but the terms won’t be as generous.

If you want the best solar rates, you need to register for the net metering program immediately.

Act Now To Avoid New Fees

After November 15th, Rocky Mountain Power will charge a few modest application fees to enroll in the net metering program.  These fees will help administer the program and do not damage the great economics of going solar.  Still, why pay any extra fees if you don’t have to.

Get The Maximum Value Per kwh

With solar partners like Solaroo and the current Rocky Mountain Power net metering program, you can sell unused electricity to the RMP grid.  After November 15th, Rocky Mountain Power will reduce the price they pay for your extra energy.  Again, solar power will still be very economical, but you may as well get the higher price while you can.

Lock In Your Benefits For 18 Years!

If you register for the net metering program before November 15th, your low cost, high-value benefits will be locked in and guaranteed for 18 years.  That’s huge.  You won’t find that kind of guarantee in any other state.  But you have to sign up before November 15th.

Get The Full Utah Tax Credit (It Goes Down In 2018)

Right now, the Utah tax credit for home solar is 25% of the system cost, or $2,000, whichever is less.  That’s not a forever number.  Just as with new technology like electric or hybrid cars, the tax credits start high to encourage participation.  Then with time, they come down and more revenue is collected.

This is where residential solar is in Utah.  The tax credit has been high, but in 2018 it’s going to start to slide and won’t be as valuable.

This Is What You Need To Do Right Away

You need to sign up for the Rocky Mountain Power net metering program, lock in your 18-year rate guarantee, and qualify for the full tax credit.

To do this you’ll need a good partner like SolarooSolaroo will make sure you have a qualified system in place to take advantage of these benefits.  As an extra incentive, when you decide to go solar, Solaroo will give you a free Nest thermostat.