This article is sponsored by Evelar Solar.  Evelar Solar installs top quality, beautifully designed solar technology with no upfront costs.  Every system they install comes with a free Nest Learning Thermostat.

By now you probably know about the big solar deadline.  After November 14th, 2017, Rocky Moutain Power will pay you less for the electricity you generate on your home solar system.  Also, there will be a new $150 fee for the metering system.

You can avoid the fee and get the full compensation by immediately calling a trusted and experienced home solar company like Evelar Solar.

If You Miss The Deadline

Don’t panic.  The solar power industry has been preparing for this for a while now.  Home solar will continue to be an amazing money saving and home equity growing investment.  You’ll just need to be smarter about who you choose as your home solar partner.  Here are a few things to look for.

Get A Partner Like Evelar Solar That Will Handle All The Work

The best home solar companies individually design their systems for a home’s unique situation.  There can be a lot of factors that impact the design including the orientation of the roof panels, the slope and shape, and even the age of the roof.  A good solar company will also look at nearby trees to see how the sun hits different parts of the roof at different times of the day.

There’s a lot that goes into it, so pick a partner that will do it all.  You don’t want to be caught up in filing permits or making trips to the hardware store.  An experienced company like Evelar Solar can handle the entire process including permits.

Don’t Pay Any Money Upfront

You don’t want to cut corners on a system that will not only power your home but also sit on your roof.  A top quality company like Evelar Solar will bring high-level expertise and equipment.  This expertise is an investment that’s worth making.

But what if you don’t have the cash?  There’s no reason to pay any money upfront.  Don’t limit the quality or possibilities, instead use the easy financing options to get exactly what you need.

Protect Yourself And Your Investment

Obviously, solar equipment is specialized technology that you can’t easily repair or replace on your own.  Protect yourself and your investment.  Evelar Solar has a 25-year warranty on system components and a 10-year warranty on workmanship.  Guarantees like that will help you stay confident in the process and the product.  Evelar Solar also features ongoing system monitoring, to make sure everything is working properly.

If you don’t sign up before the deadline, don’t give up on home solar.  The Evelar Solar team can make sure your system is top quality, affordable, money-saving, and beautiful both before AND after November 14th.