Join Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry as they surprise another concerned guest with GrafeeToe, the ‘Toe’tally awesome game that you have to see to believe. Playing GrafeeToe takes charisma, it takes courage, it takes… a lot of leg strength.

How to Play GrafeeToe

GrafeeToe is played just like Pictionary, the only difference is that you draw with your toes. Yep, your toes. Jamming a gigantic marker between his toes, Alex Kirry has 60 seconds to draw the clue. He goes toe to toe with the ironically large legal pad. Then, you get to take a guess at what Alex has drawn on the Nightside Project’s Facebook page. Prizes will be available to a lucky winner who guesses the clue correctly.

You Won’t be Able to ‘Heel’p Yourself

On this episode, Alex and Ethan’s guest from KSL NewsRadio is Digital Producer Becky Bruce who puts her foot down about being the person who has to draw the clue. When they try to convince her to do it any way she almost socks Ethan and Alex. Instead, she opts for Alex to wield the marker to make beautiful art. Except for the Toe Jam. But, Alex really nails the drawing.

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