Emergency Essentials Shakeout Camp

South Jordan, Utah – Emergency Essentials has set up a complete earthquake survival camp in South Jordan. The Shakeout Camp has been constructed to help educate Utahans of the necessary planning to help them and their families survive earthquakes.

Emergency Essentials will be on KSL NewsRadio all week giving earthquake survival tips and information.

The Shakeout Camp

The camp is fully equipped with a 2,000 square foot Geodesic Dome Shelter and other temporary structures that can be used in the case of an earthquake. Each temporary living structure is fully stocked with food, water, heat, power and other necessities and comforts. Most items needed have not been discussed by families, but are necessary for survival after a natural disaster.

After an earthquake, a family’s primary residence could be so severely damaged or uninhabitable that they will need to relocate for an indefinite amount of time. Shelters and community centers will be overwhelmed, so most families will have to make their own survival plans. At Shakeout Camp, Utahans will have the opportunity to learn about proper earthquake planning and post earthquake survival.

“The Shakeout Camp is our way of continuing our effort to educate and help people prepare for an emergency. Every day, families walk into our stores and share stories of their survival and proper planning. We try our best to teach the necessary survival plans that will help them save themselves and their families,” says Katie StewartEmergency Essentials’ Retail Stores Manager.

Earthquake Survival Necessities

Most families have considered food and water. However, the most common survival necessities after an earthquake will be a temporary shelter, renewable power source, reliable heat source, and first aid. Shakeout Camp is fully functional with shelter, power, heat, food, water, first aid, sanitation, pet related item, communication, tools, survival plans and other necessary survival needs and comforts.

Assisting Families Survive Anything & Everything

Free samples of food will be served that are prepared from the portable power sources in The Shakeout Camp. Examples of survival kits will be displayed in recommended and common scenarios. For example, a sample trunk of a car will be stocked with the items needed to immediately survive. Earthquake Survival Experts will be available to talk about preparedness plans with the public and the press.

After all, how often do we fully plan for this scenario? Emergency Essentials has 27 years of experience assisting families survive anything and everything.

To learn more about Emergency Essentials, please go to beprepared.com or visit the Shakeout Camp at 968 West South Jordan Parkway (West of I-15 on 106th South). South Jordan, Utah.