This article is sponsored by The Cabins at Bear River Lodge.  Start a new Christmas tradition and some amazing memories with Christmas tree packages that include tree tags, ATVs, and snowmobiles.  Click here for more information on cutting your own tree at The Cabins at Bear River Lodge.

The modern Christmas tree tradition dates back to the Renaissance in Europe.  No doubt that also marks the beginning of the ongoing debate over the best tree to use and the best way to get it.

It’s time to end the debate and establish an awesome new tradition:  Harvesting your own Christmas tree, fresh from the forest.  Here are a few reasons why this is a great idea for your family.

The Health Benefits Of A Fresh Tree In Your Home

A fresh pine tree in your home is natural aromatherapy.  The scent of fresh pine relieves stress and help you feel energized.  It is a mood elevator and may be able to help you better manage the stress of the season.  It’s tough to fake that scent, you really need a fresh tree.

Don’t You Want The Freshest, Most Beautiful Tree?

Few things are sadder than a Christmas tree that doesn’t make it to Christmas.  The dry needles become a depressing mess.  At the tree lot, you don’t know the tree’s harvest date.  You just have to take the salesman’s word for it.  If you cut your own tree, you know it’s fresh.

The tree lot also limits your selection.  How can you find the perfect tree?  When you cut your own tree, you have access to an entire forest of beautiful pines.  Just make sure you follow applicable rules.  Companies like The Cabins at Bear River Lodge are a great resource for this.  They’ll make sure you have the necessary permit and are searching in the right area.

The Holiday Is About Experiences & Memories

This is maybe the most important point.  A big part of Christmas is family, tradition, and memories.  When you get your family into the woods, everything changes.  The snow and fresh air are the perfect settings for new traditions.

Imagine your children excitedly dashing around searching for the perfect Christmas tree.  As they get older, they’ll help cut and haul.  Some years will be unexpectedly warm, others will devolve into snowball fights.  You’ll remember every tree for the rest of your life.  And each one will be perfect.

Here’s How To Make It Easy

The Cabins at Bear River Lodge has a special offer if this is something you want to try.  Their Christmas tree packages include tree tags, and ATVs or snowmobiles.  You get not only a legally harvested tree but also a way to get it back to your car.  Bear River Lodge borders over a million acres of forest, so you definitely have a selection.  There are a limited number of these packages available, so book yours right away.