What to Do if Your Child Gets Lost at a Theme Park or Event

Lost Child Location

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During the summer and fall months, there are many festivals, fairs, and other large events that families will enjoy together. As you’re preparing to go to these large public spaces, take a moment to instruct your children on what they should do if they get lost.

Meet-Up Locations

One of the most important factors is for the children to know where a meet-up location is. Should they become separated, you should observe a landmark or major entry point, and have that child return to that location and stay put.

Who They Should Ask For Help

You should interact your child that, should they become lost, they should communicate with individuals that are working behind the counter at a location, or an individual in uniform—like a law enforcement officer or security personnel.

Where To Go

Have one of the family members stay in the location where the child was last seen, and then go and contact help. Security, staff, and family and friends can then begin looking for the child.

Physical Descriptions

It’s also imperative that you have a specific description of your young one. Often times we’ll have parents say that their “blonde-haired seven-year-old” is missing. That’s not good enough.

What we need is:

  • A specific clothing description
  • Color of shirt
  • Color of pants
  • Footwear
  • Length of hair
  • Name the child responds to

If you have this data, it’s often much easier to locate your child. Remember, as frightened as you are, they’re more so.