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Looking for a promising career in a growth industry?  Take a look at construction.  Seriously, there are some really compelling reasons to look at a career in the construction industry.  Here are three of the best reasons construction jobs are taking off.

Rex Rollo, Chief Financial Officer at America First Credit Union, spoke with KSL News Radio’s Tim Hughes about the promising future in American construction.

Big Plans For US Infrastructure

Rebuilding infrastructure is a high priority for both Republicans and Democrats, and President Trump promises to spend money on it.  In recent years, skilled labor was in short supply.  Companies will ramp up their hiring quickly to fill infrastructure contracts with construction jobs.  The money will flow to large projects like transit expansion and repair.  Also bridge, tunnel, and highway construction.

Labor In China Is Getting More Expensive

Outsourcing labor no longer means big cost savings.  Rex Rollo, CFO of America First Credit Union points out the wage trend in China is bringing jobs back to the United States.  “More businesses have announced that they plan to bring some blue collar jobs back to the US.  This is a result of higher wages being paid in China and other emerging markets.  So there’s less incentive to move jobs to those countries.”

The Housing Market Is Strong

Even if Congress and the President fail to fund infrastructure investments, there is still a lot of other work.  Across the country, the housing market is very strong.  This fuels high demand for materials, supplies, and labor.  So far, the housing market doesn’t show signs of slowing down.