Beyond The Badge

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – On July 10, KSL relaunched its popular series Beyond the Badge. The popular program highlights the incredible work that Utah’s public safety officers perform each day.

Beyond The Badge originally launched early 2016 with goals of improving officer morale, increasing law enforcement recruitment efforts, and most importantly – mending the goodwill between Utah’s public and those who work tirelessly to keep them safe. The program has been on a brief hiatus while options were explored to make it even more impactful.

Utah Local Governments Trust

Beyond the Badge will relaunch July 10 with a new partner – The Utah Local Governments Trust. The Trust is a governmental entity organized in 1974 in response to the commercial insurance market’s failure to adequately insure governmental entities. It provides specially tailored insurance solutions to Cities, Towns, Counties, and Local and Special Service Districts. The Trust currently protects more than 540 local governmental entities.Utah Local Governments Trust

“We are excited to be part of Beyond the Badge,” says Trust CEO Steven Hansen. “It’s a perfect fit for the Trust.  We’re thrilled to be able to help honor these important and amazingly brave men and women who keep us safe, many of whom are employed by our members. We’re also excited about the opportunity to use this platform to promote our mission to reduce workplace accidents and minimize liability exposure of our members.”

“We are grateful to our friends at the Utah Local Governments Trust for helping us to continue this important program,” says KSL Program Director Kevin LaRue. “Beyond the Badge furthers KSL’s mission to build up and connect Utah’s communities.”

How To Nominate An Officer

When the program originally launched, nominations could only come from community leaders such as police chiefs, sheriffs and mayors. Now it’s open to the general public. Anyone can nominate an officer they feel is deserving of recognition by visiting

Where To Listen To Beyond The Badge

The officer’s stories are told every day on KSL Newsradio 102.7 FM and 1160 AM, in podcast form on the KSL NewsRadio app, as well as on KSL’s social media channels. The content has been extremely popular with the community and stories consistently outperform other news content. One post last year about a trooper who helped a couple stranded on the highway went viral. It received nearly 10,000 “Likes” and 1,000 Facebook shares.

KSL’s Amanda Dickson personally interviews the highlighted officers. “I had no idea the extent of their desire to help. I had no idea the extent of their humility. These men and women are the most generous people I’ve ever met in any profession anywhere,” she said.

With the support of Utah Local Governments Trust, KSL plans to tell these important stories for years to come. To see a video trailer of Beyond The Badge or subscribe to the podcast, go to