Sheriff Todd Richardson From Davis County, Utah Recognized by KSL’s Beyond The Badge

Beyond The Badge: Recognizing the good work that Utah's public safety officers do every day to make each of our lives better.

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KSL’s Beyond the Badge recognizes the good work that Utah’s public safety officers do every day to make each of our lives better. Featured officers come from the state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies.

This week, Beyond The Badge is proud to recognize Sheriff Todd Richardson. He was nominated by Heather Walker, a citizen of Davis County, Utah:

“I encountered a hero today. Sheriff Todd Richardson of Davis County came to our rescue. Heading southbound on I-15 approaching Farmington my back left tire went flat. Fortunately, I was able to pull over. However, we were stuck on the left side of the road. We were terrified to get out of the car. With cars speeding by at 75+ mph, there wasn’t enough space to safely change a tire. I called road side assistance and we just sat there frozen in place.

Major relief came when I saw a police car heading the other way on I-15. The car pulled into the emergency turn around and backed up to our car. Sheriff Todd Richardson is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met and a true hero. Not even on duty, with his daughter in the car, he came to our rescue. We worked trying to get the spare tire from under the car (which is a whole story itself) and then he proceeded to change it all himself. Thank you to that amazing man and I pray that many, many blessings come your way!”

How To Nominate a Public Safety Officer for Beyond The Badge

The public safety officers featured on Beyond The Badge come from Utah state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies and must be POST certified. Officers can be nominated by their respective police chiefs, sheriffs, supervisors, and the general public. You can nominate an officer that deserves to be featured on the program at

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