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If you’re an adult who has been out of school for a while, the thought of going back to college to earn certificates or a degree can be daunting. For whatever reason you are looking to go back to school, there are a couple things you should keep in mind before diving in.

1. Know what your goal is.

It should go without saying that having a clear and concise career direction in mind is important when you start looking at going back to college. Don’t go back to school as an adult and hope you’ll figure out what you want to do once you get there. Go back to school with a defined career objective to get the most out of your schooling. Be open to other courses of study too. An Associates in IT, accounting, and even paralegal are in huge demand right now. Plus those fields tend to pay pretty well too.

Also, if you are looking for something more specialized, maybe a certificate program might suit your needs better and could reduce the time to finish your schooling.

2. Don’t be afraid to lean on your family and friends.

Going back to college is a big decision, and before taking the plunge, talk to your family and friends. Your family and friends want you to succeed. Talk to them first to see if they have any concerns, then let them support you as you make a change in your life

3. Work/life balance is hard, work/life/school balance is harder.

Working parents know it’s difficult to earn a living and give your kids the opportunities they deserve. When you consider family, church and work commitments, it can be overwhelming. Finding a school that offers evening and online classes will help ease the pressure of trying to do it all. Flexible school schedules and online classes can help you to still see your family more regularly

4. Prepare your finances.

Finances are a major reason many people don’t go back to college. You almost certainly want to make more money, and you’re either looking for a new job, or you need credentials to move up where you currently are. The more you have your finances prepared for school, the better. And remember, you’re going back to school to make that money back (and then some). You’re investing in yourself.

5. Set your schedule.

Make sure you aren’t overworking yourself. The work/life/school balance means that you need to be realistic about how many classes to take. Setting yourself up for the career you want means finding the best college for your needs, and deciding what the best course of study is for you. With a school like the LDS Business College, evening and online classes are at the focus of the school, so the convenience is built right in. Plus, LDS Business College also offers both associates and certificate programs too. In as little as two years or less, you could have a degree and be on to your dream career.

Ok, you’re going back to college. What’s the next step?

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