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The Holidays can be a tough time financially for a lot of people. With so many people to have to buy for, it can be overwhelming, which makes the season much less cheery. Here are 4 ways to make this holiday shopping season much less stressful, and help you survive Black Friday this year.

01) Know What You’re Shopping for, and Plan Ahead

Before you ever start shopping, make your list of ideas you have for gifts for people. If you have someone on your list who is outdoorsy, anything from a sleeping bag to a camping stove might be on their list. Price them out before Black Friday and find great deals at places you might not have thought of before.

02) Consider Gift Carts

This isn’t for everyone, but let’s face it, we’ve all gotten something as a gift during the holidays that we didn’t exactly love. A gift certificate ensures that the recipient of the gift won’t be disappointed with.

03) Ask Yourself: Is This Really a Deal?

Black Friday discounts seem to be the best deals around, but often times they aren’t. Products can be marked up by big-box retailers In order to drop those prices to what the products are actually worth on days like Black Friday. And that big-box retailer still makes a profit. Don’t fall for that. Find the gifts you want to buy from a place that is selling them at a fair price first, which leads us to the next tip.

04) Shop Local on Black Friday

So many local stores are going to have the same deals or better than the big-box stores. A place like Recreation Outlet is an amazing local outdoors store that is fair with their prices.
Recreation Outlet even manufactures their own high-quality products, and the products they manufacture are just as good as the name brands, but priced less. So that one outdoorsy person on your list is now a breeze to buy for. And you’ve saved a little money, and you’ve Survived Black Friday…. until next year.