This article is sponsored by the International Sportsmens Expo. Utah’s largest outdoor and sportsmen’s event for the entire family. More than 300 booths filled with camping and outdoor gear, fishing tackle and hunting accessories. Find your outdoor adventures this year at the International Sportsmens Expo from March 15th-18th at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy, UT. 

There is so much to do in the outdoors in and around Utah. And it can be overwhelming to figure out what your next outdoor adventure is going to be. Here are 4 ideas for adventures you can have this year in Utah.

Discover Ancient Lifeforms

To start, take a break from “normal” vacations and discover the fossils of former lifeforms that are thousands of years old. Utah and the west was the ancient home of dinosaurs, mammals, fish, and insects. Their stories are captured in rock and stone. Uncover your very own fossils and take home your piece of Earth’s history of life. Family-friendly experiences are easy to get to and offer rich historical and recreational opportunities. Great resources for research and planning include Unitah County Travel & Tourism ( and Ulrich’s Fossil Gallery (

Capture That Epic Image

In the west, the iconic scenery and wildlife are everywhere. So, for your next adventure, getting the photographic shot of a lifetime can be a daily reminder of the fabulous world we live in. But, even though digital cameras are everywhere, getting that truly inspiring capture can be as elusive as a snow leopard. To check this off your bucket list, schedule a trip with a photo guide. Whether your desire is to stay in Utah or expand your horizons to Alaska, South Africa or other exotic locales, photo guides will help you have the right gear in the right location to get that once-in-a-lifetime image. Helpful guides in the western United States include Nick Fucci Photo Tours ( and Great Wildlife Photos (

Bike, Cast, and Escape

For your next outdoor adventure, you can explore the rich heritage and landscape around you in the west’s 4 great seasons. A great place to start is a national park and it’s surrounding areas. Near the west gate of Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone Teton Territory ( and Three Bear Lodge ( are there to make your planning and stay easy. Start by arranging to bike through an outback trail (they can help with equipment and directions). Then, cast a fly to a trophy-sized trout. And finally, whitewater raft or ride a horse through stunning scenery and history.

Be “Awed” in Bryce Canyon

Finally, one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders is in every Utahan’s backyard: Bryce Canyon. Weather and erosion created The Bryce Canyon vistas in the mineral-rich earth over millions of years. These are a do not miss. Also, take a short and easy walk to a lookout. Then, challenge yourself to conquer the slot canyons. You’ll find breathtaking beauty and wonder are around every corner. And at every budget. Day trip, family camping, or luxury resort are all available here. For more information and different options for recreation and lodging visit Bryce Canyon Country’s website at

Your Life Outdoors – Starts Here

Utah is heaven for outdoor enthusiasts. But diving in head first can be intimidating if you’re new to outdoor activities. The International Sportsmen’s Exposition can introduce you to new activities. Plus, the event is indoors. It doesn’t require prior knowledge or equipment. And you can experience it in just a few hours. In the ISE Salt Lake City, you can get expert on archery, fly fishing, boating, hunting, SUPing, ATV’s and much, much more. The International Sportsmen’s Expo ( runs from March 15th to 18th at Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy, UT