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Who is Jenny Ford?

Jenny Ford is a well-known YouTube sensation that has created simple workouts to help you get into the best shape of your life. Trying to find time to go to a gym can be hard, but there are so many simple and easy workouts you can do at home. And the best part, she does it without guilt and shame. Here are 3 ways jenny ford is going to help you get in shape.

1. Step

What is step aerobics? Step aerobics became popular in the 1980’s when Jane Fonda released several exercise videos with her performing these workouts. And while some may think that the classic 80’s exercise is out of date, they couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want to get in shape and fast, the intense cardio workout that step can provide in the course of just a few minutes is just so easy. Jenny Ford introduces you to step in the clearest way possible. And you can easily do these workouts at home, right in your living room from any smart device on the KSL TV app.

2. Beginner to Advanced

With Jenny Ford’s workouts, you get clear goals to work for. Each video has exercises with an intermediate-advanced method of doing the workouts, but they also feature a beginner version of the same workouts. This means that you can pick any of her videos up and quickly start doing the workout. The, as you are more comfortable, you can opt to start on the more advanced techniques. You’ll reach the goals you want to because Jenny wants you to succeed.

3. No Guilt, No Shame

If you’ve ever tried other workout programs, you’ve probably found that a lot of them use guilt and shame as tactics to motivate you to work out. But why would you want to feel bad about yourself? Working out can be an empowering experience, that can change your life. Let Jenny Ford get you started on a path to not only feeling like you accomplished something but also feeling better about yourself.

Get in Shape

with simple workouts you can do at home, or on the road. Jenny Ford Fitness makes it easy to find time for fitness right on the KSL TV App. Check out the KSL TV app today to find the Jenny Ford workouts on Google Play and the Apple App Store