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Monthly Archives: February 2018

5 Reasons Family History Can Enrich Your Life

This article is sponsored by Larsen Digital. Your digital conversion specialists, Larsen Digital brings your memories to the digital age to enjoy them for years to come. Let Larsen Digital help enrich your life at Roots Tech February 28th through March 3rd at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Have you ever found out your family history? It's a wonderful process that...

3 Amazing Medical Advances and How They Can Help You and Your Family

This article is sponsored by Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah. With amazing medical advances being made, find out how Regence can help you with incredible healthcare so you can have access to the best medical advances for you and your family. Get Coverage & High-Quality Care That Fits Your Life With Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield.   So many incredible things...

Brigham Young Wore Sunglasses! And Other Amazing Things You’ll Learn At The Church History Museum On Temple Square

Mormon Church History
This story on the Temple Square Lights is sponsored by Temple Square – Experience the beautiful landscape and historic buildings of Salt Lake City's Temple Square - one of Utah's top tourist attractions. Book a free tour today! Yes, Brigham Young wore sunglasses to battle the desert sun as he visited settlements across the west.  They're on display at the Church...