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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Temple Square’s Family History Library

Temple Square's Family History Library: Step Into the Past and Have a Blast
Looking for some informative family fun? Look no further than Temple Square's Family History Library - an interactive experience that will not only intrigue the adults but also and thrill the kids.

How To Subscribe To Jeff Caplan’s ‘My Minute Of News’ Podcast

Jeff Caplan's 'My Minute Of News' Podcast
Jam-packed with witty humor, funny soundbites and the strangest news of the day, Jeff Caplan's "My Minute Of News" is one of the most popular and entertaining elements of Utahns commutes.

Quick Guide: The Honey Harvest Festival Is The New Can’t-Miss Event

Honey Harvest Festival
Utah is "The Beehive State". Beehives are on our state flag and seal, as well as our road signs.  The honeybee is even the official insect of Utah. But there's a lot of honey and bees that you don't know. Here is some amazing information to get you buzzing for the Honey Harvest Festival at Clark Historic Farm.

Money Making Sense Podcast Named Finalist in People’s Choice Podcast Awards

The People's Choice Podcast Awards is the longest running premier podcast awards event in podcasting history. KSL NewsRadio is honored that Heather Kelly's podcast Money Making Sense was named a finalist in the Business category.

Here Are The Benefits Of Going Solar in Utah BEFORE November 15th

Home Solar
You've probably heard the talk.  November 15th is an important day for home solar power in Utah.  That's true.  And it's kind of a big deal.

Civility: Changing the Conversations

Civility, or the lack of it, is a worldwide issue. This is both an interfaith issue and a political issue. It affects our families, our schools, and our workplaces. Despite this trend towards negativity, there are voices working to change the communication—to make it more civil. In this KSL documentary, we highlight these positive voices.

Members in Many Lands: What Life is Like for Mormons Around The World

Mormons Around The World
In Utah, Mormons are the majority; but what’s it like to live is a country where members are a rarity or where most people have never heard of Jesus Christ? We travel to far off places to see what life is like for Mormons in India, Mali, Mexico, Jamaica, Austria, Brazil and Ghana. Many of these members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are recent converts who have adopted a new lifestyle as they embrace the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

An Artistic Vision: The First-Ever Mormon Arts Center Festival in New York City

An Artistic Vision: The First-Ever Mormon Arts Center Festival in New York City
The first-ever Mormon Arts Center Festival in New York City united artists, scholars, and musicians to show Mormon Art. This gathering helped to elevate the concept of Mormon Art.

A New Generation of Genealogy: How Technology Is Making Family History Research Fun And Memorable

Family History
A New Generation of Genealogy: KSL-TV documentary on how modern technology is making your family history research fun, engaging and memorable.

Connecting Roots: Freedmen’s Records

African American Genealogy
The Freedmen's Bureau Project has changed the very fabric of genealogy for African Americans. "Connecting Roots" explains the history behind this project and the personal stories about why this is so meaningful for so many families.