Grab a blanket and turn on your favorite streaming video device. The annual KSL-TV Yule Log is back for the 2017 holiday season and available in all KSL-TV mobile and TV apps. You can watch it on popular Connected TV and smartphone devices including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android, and iOS.

You can see a preview of the KSL Yule Log below.

The First TV Yule Log

In 2016, KSL-TV was the first local TV broadcaster to distribute a Yule Log to streaming TV users. However, the first station to ever broadcast a Yule Log on TV was New York City’s WPIX in 1966. Fred M. Thrower, president and chief executive officer of WPIX at the time, wanted to give New Yorkers who lived in apartments and homes without fireplaces, a way to experience the Yule log tradition on their TVs. The idea was an immediate hit and spread to other stations around the United States.

KSL Yule Log

What Exactly Is a Yule Log?

The Yule log tradition goes back centuries to the 1700’s or even earlier. European families would save a special log to be burned during their Christmas celebrations.